About Me

  • Details

    • AGE: Unknown
    • HOMETOWN: Redmond, WA
    • STEAM NAME: SheepShanker

  • Favorite

    • GAMES: X-Com, Super Metroid
    • MOVIE: The Thing
    • DRINK: Coffee
    • FOOD: PB & Bacon Sandwich
    • CATS OR DOGS: Both

photo by SurfDirt
I grew up in the northwest, and aside from making art for games, I really enjoy tinkering with just about anything I can get my hands on. Whether it’s building a media PC, or rebuilding a 2-stroke engine, it all sounds fun to me.
Most recent accomplishment is getting an SNES emulator running in my garage with 2 controllers; Mario Kart, anyone?

My main hobby outside of art and games, is dirt biking — imagine a 2-wheeled rally car that is loads cheaper, and great exercise to boot. I’ve found that it really helps balance the time I spend sitting, and it’s a good way to blow off some steam and think outside the box.