Exploding Tuba StudiosCharacter LeadJun.2013|May.2014
Undisclosed Project

  • Developed character styles and modeled and textured all characters using a streamlined workflow with Zbrush and 3Dcoat.
  • Created rigs and animation systems for both bipedal and many-legged models.
  • Animated all characters, creating loops that blended seamlessly for a 360-degree system with analog movement speeds. Some small cinematic animations as well.
  • Used material tinting and a modular approach to create a variety of NPC’s.
  • Modeled props and weapons, using masked skeletal blending for specific stances.

343 IndustriesLighting ArtistOct.2011|Sep.2012
Halo 4

  • Worked with level leads to light very real and cinematic-feeling environments, pushing lighting in ways that haven’t been seen in previous Halo games. Worked on several of the more technically-challenging cinematics and vignettes, using tricks and workarounds to make them match the quality bar set by static scenes.
  • Headed up the design and documentation/implementation of the cubemap tool that artists can use to create and have change with each BSP.
  • Took on many other final look duties, including fog, color grading, lens flares, light cones, light probes, and camera effects (bloom, tone curve, exposure).

Bungie3D Environment/Lighting ArtistMay.2008|May.2010
Halo: Reach
Halo 3: ODST

  • Created several environment sets and textures, along with some objects and vehicle work.
  • Lit the large majority of interior environments on Reach, creating fixtures, shaders, and effects as well. This included developing prefabs and sets to propagate large areas quickly.
  • Experimented and learned to use the psychology of lighting in real-time environments; creating mood, and aiding navigation.

Arena.NetCharacter ArtistJan.2006|Feb.2008
Guild Wars

  • Modeled/Textured player armor sets, creatures, bosses, and NPC’s.
  • Worked with the lead graphics engineer to develop and support the material system used in Eye of the North using the in-house shader editor, including animated effects used by the fiery Destroyer creatures.
  • Concepted and experimented during pre-production, along with collaborating with animators to develop multiple-character rigs.

Gas Powered Games3D Artist/AnimatorJan.2004|Feb.2006
Supreme Commander
Dungeon Siege II

  • Modeled/Textured units and structures, using a combination of high-res geometry and hand-drawn bumpmaps to create normal maps, along with spec/reflect maps as well
  • Created walk and idle cycles, deaths, and many unit-specific animations. Also developed a detailed facial rig and head to prototype its use for in-game briefings.
  • Re-textured over 25 monsters for variation and created many armor pieces.

Shipped Titles

  1. Halo 4
  2. Forza Motorsport 4
  3. Halo: Reach
  4. Halo 3: ODST
  5. Guild Wars: Eye of the North
  6. Guild Wars: Nightfall
  7. Supreme Commander
  8. Dungeon Siege II
  9. Shadow Ops: Red Mercury