Halo 5: Guardians at E3 – WARZONE

I am very proud and excited to finally show the big new multiplayer stuff I’ve been working on with my friends at 343. It has been a daunting task, but incredibly rewarding; People are loving Warzone!

I am responsible for all of the lighting in this map, as well as lens flares (aside from the sun), lightcones, light fixture placement (some modeling), cubemaps, color grading, fog, and camera exposure. I was even able to help out with some of the material work, too.

Why just look at pictures, when it’s really meant to be seen in action?
Note: I am not playing, this guy is really good and entertaining to watch. Skip around in the video to see different parts of the map.

Halo 4 Lighting

A quick video showing the cinematic lighting I did:

Here’s a sample of some of the environment lighting I did on Halo 4 – although lighting was only one of the many hats the lighting team wore on this project: fog, post, lightprobes, lens flares, render settings and many others also fell under our purview.

Halo: Reach | Lighting

During my time on Halo: Reach, I was responsible for a large part of interior lighting and a certain amount of exterior accenting. Below are some examples I’ve picked from currently released screenshots:

While the lights themselves were primarily placed and exported from 3ds Max, there was a wide range of other support I was able to provide.
These duties included the creation of fixtures, creating volumetrics and shaders, and scripting some of these functions together for animated effects. There were also special needs in the case of multiplayer maps; for fair play and visibility, all playable surfaces needed to have adequate lighting while maintaining the aesthetic.

Low-Res MeshLow-Res MeshLow-Res MeshLow-Res MeshLow-Res MeshLow-Res Mesh
Original art test.