This is a collection of some of the characters I created for my latest project. Most of the modeling work was done in Zbrush, with retopology/UV’s in 3dCoat, then bringing everything together for export and baking out of 3DS Max. Baking was done in Xnormal.

These are some of the hard surface models I created, using the same process described above. Dynamesh and inserting/subtracting meshes made for quite a speedy process.

Elf Highres

Based on this concept I found by a fellow named ddddak, I thought it would be a good exercise in anatomy and detail. As far as I can tell, no other description of her exists aside from ‘SEXY’, so I’m doing my best to just make it so. Created almost entirely in Zbrush.

WIP’s and tests

Samus Helmet for funsies

Testing out some new workflows for low-poly topology/baking/texturing. Rendered in Marmoset.

Random Sculpts

One ugly mutha!

Ram Skull test

More workflow tests

Guild Wars Characters

Canthan Assassin

Canthan Assassin 01Canthan Assassin 02Canthan Assassin 03Canthan Assassin 04Canthan Assassin Body TextureCanthan Assassin Face Texture

Forge Ettin

Forge EttinForge EttinForge EttinForge EttinForge EttinForge Ettin

Charr Effigy

Charr EffigyCharr EffigyCharr EffigyCharr EffigyCharr EffigyCharr Effigy

Destroyer Necromancer

Destroyer Necromancer 01Destroyer Necromancer 02Destroyer Necromancer 03Destroyer Necromancer 04Destroyer Necromancer 05Destroyer Necromancer Texture

Destroyer Ranger

Destroyer RangerDestroyer Ranger 02Destroyer Ranger 03Destroyer Ranger 04

Destroyer Swordsman

Destroyer SwordsmanDestroyer Sword 02Destroyer Sword 03Destroyer Sword 04Destroyer Sword 05

Destroyer Generator

Destroyer GeneratorDestroyer Generator 02Destroyer Generator 03Destroyer Generator 04

Demon Wing Griffin

DemonWing GriffinDemonWing GriffinDemonWing GriffinDemonWing GriffinDemonWing GriffinDemonWing Griffin

Forge Imp (textures only)

Forge ImpForge ImpForge ImpForge ImpForge Imp



Guild Wars Armor Sets (Armor only)

Ritualist | Badlands

Ritualist Badlands 01Ritualist Badlands 02Ritualist Badlands 03Ritualist Badlands 04Ritualist Badlands 05Ritualist Badlands 06Ritualist Badlands Female TextureRitualist Badlands Male Texture

Warrior | Bloodeagle

Warrior Bloodeagle 01Warrior Bloodeagle 02Warrior Bloodeagle 03Warrior Bloodeagle 04Warrior Bloodeagle 05Warrior Bloodeagle 06Warrior Bloodeagle Female TextureWarrior Bloodeagle Male Texture

Warrior | Nightmare

Warrior Nightmare 01Warrior Nightmare 02Warrior Nightmare 03Warrior Nightmare 04Warrior Nightmare 05Warrior Nightmare 06Warrior Nightmare Female TextureWarrior Nightmare Male Texture

Mesmer | Nightmare

Mesmer Nightmare 01Mesmer Nightmare 02Mesmer Nightmare 03Mesmer Nightmare 04Mesmer Nightmare 05Mesmer Nightmare Female TextureMesmer Nightmare Male Texture

Elementalist | Delta Starter

Ele Delta Starter 01Ele Delta Starter 02Ele Delta Starter 03Ele Delta Starter 04Ele Delta Starter Texture

Elementalist | Delta

Ele Delta 01Ele Delta 02Ele Delta 03Ele Delta 04Ele Delta 05Ele Delta Texture

Monk | Nightmare

Monk Nightmare 01Monk Nightmare 02Monk Nightmare 03Monk Nightmare 04Monk Nightmare Female TextureMonk Nightmare Male Texture

monk | delta starter

Monk Delta Starter 01Monk Delta Starter 02Monk Delta Starter 03Monk Delta Starter 04Monk Delta Starter Texture

Rick Hunter

Rick HunterRick HunterRick HunterRick HunterRick HunterRick Hunter
From an old CGchat competition in which the contestants recreated their favorite cartoon hero, and so I chose the man of Robotech, Rick Hunter.