Elf Highres

Based on this concept I found by a fellow named ddddak, I thought it would be a good exercise in anatomy and detail. As far as I can tell, no other description of her exists aside from ‘SEXY’, so I’m doing my best to just make it so. Created almost entirely in Zbrush.

WIP’s and tests

Samus Helmet for funsies

Testing out some new workflows for low-poly topology/baking/texturing. Rendered in Marmoset.

Random Sculpts

One ugly mutha!

Ram Skull test

More workflow tests

Rick Hunter

Rick HunterRick HunterRick HunterRick HunterRick HunterRick Hunter
From an old CGchat competition in which the contestants recreated their favorite cartoon hero, and so I chose the man of Robotech, Rick Hunter.